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Our store contains an extensive range of practical daily living aids and mobility products to help older people and those with a disability stay active and independent.

If mobility's a problem, you will appreciate the ability to move around comfortably with a reduced risk of falls by using our stylish walking sticks, walking frames or crutches. Or by choosing from a selection of the most popular rollators and wheelchairs if you're able to venture further.

For household chores or personal care, many everyday actions like eating and drinking, getting out of bed or dressing, can be made easier with the right aids and equipment. For example, specially designed cutlery, crockery and drinking mugs are easier to pick up if you have arthritic hands, or a useful reacher will help you to pick up something you've dropped without having to bend down.

Maintaining personal hygiene is also essential, so if you're experiencing physical difficulties using the toilet, a raised toilet seat or toilet frame could be the solution. And if getting in and out of the bath has become a problem, our range includes bath lifts, bath boards and bath hoists as well as shower seats.

Whatever your need, you can rest assured that all our products have been carefully selected for their quality and ability to provide safe, cost effective solutions for a full and productive life.


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